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The OD4012 is a 11 inch (A4) open-ended binding machine that features the E-Z Change Die System allowing you to change punch patterns quickly. The OD4012 is designed with the operator in mind, offering quick, setup such as preset paper stop positions and easy punch pin selection and deselection.

The OD4012 comes with a three year warranty and is designed for standard sized document applications with unique punching power and durability.

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OD-RT-4:1-Oval-0.2475-Coil-Die-(5mm x 4mm) Code: MCRT0053 Price: £1,199.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-3:1-Oval-Coil-Die-(6.5mm x 5.5mm) Code: MCRT0147 Price: £1,199.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-4:1-Round-0.2475-Coil-Die Code: MCRT0046 Price: £599.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-6mm-Round-Coil-Die Code: MCRT0045 Price: £599.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-3:1-Round-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0039 Price: £599.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-2:1-Round-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0041 Price: £599.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-3:1-Square-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0040 Price: £599.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-2:1-Square-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0042 Price: £599.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-2:1-Rectangular-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0043 Price: £599.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-3:1 Round-Wire-Calendar-Thumbcut Code: MCRT0051 Price: £1,299.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-3:1-Square-Wire-Calendar-Thumbcut Code: MCRT0052 Price: £1,299.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-Comb-Die Code: MCRT0049 Price: £599.00 ex VAT
OD-RT-Velobind-Die Code: MCRT0144 Price: £599.00 ex VAT

FOR COIL CUSTOMERS: The OD4012 is the only mid-level punch available, to offer a 4:1" Oval Die set, making the creation of larger documents much simpler.

FOR WIRE and COMB CUSTOMERS: The OD4012 (and all Rhin-O-Tuff punches) can have a closing device mounted to machine, reducing the overall foot print and creating the all-in-one feel.

The OD4012 comes with a three year warranty and is designed for standard sized document applications with unique punching power and durability.

  • Auto-Reverse: The OD4012 Punch Comes With Both a Manual and an Auto-Reversing Feature to prevent jams.

  • Swing Away System: All Dies for the OD4012 feature our patented Swing Away Die Pin Retainer System. Allows Quick Access to all die punch pins while holding them firmly in place

  • Easily disengage any die punch pin.

  • 12 Standard Interchangeable Die Patterns Available: (Each die is priced separately) Comb, Wire Loop, Plastic Coil, Velo Bind™ GBC, 3 Hole Loose Leaf

  • Smooth, Quiet, Power: On Demand Operation.

  • Easy, “Paper to Pin” Sight Alignment: For balanced hole to edge margins on odd-sized applications.

  • Uses 11 inch (A4) Size Dies: Open Sides for wider sheet punching capability.

  • Punching Capacity: Rated up to 30 sheets of 20 pound 80 gsm) paper. Equal to 60 pages. The number of sheets depends on the paper weight and punch pattern used.

  • 25 Cycles Per Minute.

  • Footpedal operation: Palm switch and sidelay micro switch options available.

  • Large Capacity U-View Waste Tray.

  • 3 Year Warranty.

Weight (Kgs) : 18.2Kgs Shipping 21Kgs
Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 229 (H) x 553 (W) x 582 (D)
Power Requirement : 230v 50Hz
Safety Approvals : CE
Binding Width :
Wire closing range :
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) :
Machine Cycle :
Operation :
Compressed air :
Pitch :
Min. binding width :
Binding element :
Max. binding width :
Speed :
Crimping Capacity :
Crimping Length :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Machine Set-up :
Inserting :
Adjustable Roller :
Inserting Roller :
Crimping :
Motor :
Pitch :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Single Punch Capacity :
Single Punch Length :
Hole Size :
Disengageable Pins :
Binding thickness :
Side Margin Guide :
Space requirement :
Min. unbound edge :
Time required for diameter change :
Calendar hangers :
Format change without diameter :
Max. unbound edge :
Wire Capacity :
Document Size :
Productivity :
Binding Length :
Narrow Cut :
Binding Time :
Maximum Sheet Widgh :
Bind Cycle Speed :
De Bind Facility :
Binding Type :
Max Operating Width :
Spirals :
Binding Capacity :
Binding Styles :
Book Sizes :
Strip Lengths :
Paper Weight :
Edit Capability :
Warm-up Time :
Spine Thickness :
Volume :
Document Formats :
Wire-O Closing Range :

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