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WIL420SP Auto Wire Punch & Binder

Stock Code : MCJB125

The WIL420 SP features a highly efficient automatic in line punch & Wire-O® binding solution for intensive production operations of calendars or thin booklets with an output( dependent on operator and document make-up) of up to 3,000 documents / hour.

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3:1 Round (4mm) Tool - WIL420SP Code: MCJB126 Price: Call
3:1 Square (4 x 4mm) Tool - WIL420SP Code: MCJB127 Price: Call
2:1 Round (6mm) Tool -WIL420SP Code: MCJB128 Price: Call
2:1 Square (6 x 6mm) Tool - WIL420SP Code: MCJB129 Price: Call
3:1 Round (4mm) Calendar Tool - WIL420SP Code: MCJB130 Price: Call
3:1 Square (4 x 4mm) Calendar Tool - WIL420SP Code: MCJB131 Price: Call

The WIL420SP is fitted with a split punching module that separates the document in two bites and is able to punch up to 6mm thick documents in one stroke. There is consequently no waiting time for the in line binding station. This punching module can be bypassed for binding pre-punched documents up to 20mm thick.

The optional hanger former & feeder module as well the optional nail hole punching module allow to produce up to 6mm thick wall calendars with hangers or suspension hole.

The WIL420SP can take traditional spools as well as our unique Wire-O® FLEX boxes.

Ultimately, the WIL420SP can be interfaced with flat-bed collators which eliminates one human operation and increases productivity.

  • Efficient Speeds of up to 3,000 documents per hour, with constant high quality.
  • Versatile Punches & binds books and calendars up to 7mm (5/16"). Can also be used in a bind only operation for book sizes up to 20mm (1" Wire-O).
  • User friendly Modern design and control panel operation. Ensures quick set up.
  • Flexibility A wide variety of applications. Many options available, ensuring installation is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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