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Rhin-O-Tuff Tornado Punch EX


The Rhin-O-Tuff® Tornado Autopunch EX is an industry breakthrough system that uses BDT Print Media’s advanced media handling technology to automatically feed, collate, punch and deliver offset book stacks ready for binding in a single platform.

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TORNADO-4:1-Oval-0.2475-Coil-Die-(A4 & A5) Code: MCRTTOR151 Price: Call

Worlds First Automated Collating Punch
A single off-line automated collation and punching platform to meet the needs of your on-demand print environment with a quick return on investment.

The system will save binding service providers an average of 40% in process efficiency, dramatically reducing overall costs. Handling the widest range of media in t eh industry, the system delivers unparalleled flexibility and enables concurrent binding operations. Perfect for on-demand, short runs the system includes easy programmable job set-up, monitoring and changeovers.

Advanced Media Handling Technology
Powered by BDT's patented Tornado Technology to separate, left and transport the widest range of media, including printed media and other book components like covers, tabs and inserts reliably minimising downtime.

Widest Media Range in the Industry
The system handles media from 60gsm - 312gsm, including light porous.heavy coated print media and specialty binding media like plastics, vinyl and textures.

Automated Interposing of Covers/ Index Tabs/ Inserts
Two interposer Bins hold up to 15mm of media, auto-collating front/back covers, inserts and index tabs into the book stack prior to punching. No manual collation required.

Accommodates Mixed Media runs on Digital / Offset Printers
High Capacity Main bin holds up to 2500 sheets, including mixed media.

Heavy Duty Auto-Punch Technology
Proven Rhin-O-Tuff technology punches up to 10,800 sheets per hour, improving throughput.

Offset Book Stacks ready for Binding
Book stacks exit collated and ready for binding, enabling operators to start the binding process while punching job is still running, saving time and labour.

Weight (Kgs) : 770
Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 711 (w) x 1498 (h) x 1498 (d) mm
Crimping Length :
Pitch :
Safety Approvals :
Crimping Capacity :
Power Requirement : 240 (volt)
Max. binding width :
Binding element :
Machine Cycle :
Inserting :
Compressed air :
Binding Width :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Operation : Automatic
Motor :
Wire closing range :
Min. binding width :
Crimping :
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) :
Machine Set-up :
Speed :
Side Margin Guide :
Binding thickness :
Min. unbound edge :
Single Punch Length :
Inserting Roller :
Adjustable Roller :
Pitch :
Max. unbound edge :
Format change without diameter :
Single Punch Capacity :
Disengageable Pins :
Hole Size :
Space requirement :
Time required for diameter change :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Bind Cycle Speed :
De Bind Facility :
Maximum Sheet Widgh :
Spirals :
Document Size :
Binding Length :
Wire Capacity :
Binding Time :
Max Operating Width :
Narrow Cut :
Productivity : 10800 sheets per hour
Calendar hangers :
Binding Capacity :
Binding Type :
Paper Weight : 60-312 gsm
Wire-O Closing Range :
Strip Lengths :
Min. Number of Wire-O Loops :
Document Formats :
Warm-up Time :
Book Sizes :
Skip Binding :
Binding Speed :
Shipping Weight :
Wire-O Diameters :
Binding Styles :
Min Binding Format :
Max Binding Format :
Spine Thickness :
Edit Capability :
Volume :
Wire-O Sizes :
Book Thickness :
Shipping Dimensions :
Block/spine thickness :
Maximum Cover Weight :
Glue application :
Cover dimensions :
Cover thickness :
Book height: Max / Min :
Touch Screen :
Notching & Roughing :
Spine length: Max / Min :
Spine length :
Number of clamps :
Glue warm up :
Glue Warm-up in Stand-by Mode :
Standard Features :

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