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Stock Code : MCJBEP001

Streamline your copy center operations with the EasyPunch® Automatic Punch. This versatile machine takes care of punching tasks, freeing up your staff to handle other important responsibilities. With its impressive capability to automatically punch up to 9,000 sheets per hour, you'll experience significant time and cost savings.

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4:1 Coil Tool (48 Oval holes, 4 x 5mm, 2.4mm margin) Code: MCJBEP006 Price: Call
2:1" Square Wire Tool (23 holes, 6 x 6mm, 3mm margin) Code: MCJBEP005 Price: Call
3:1" Square Wire Tool (35 holes, 4 x 4mm, 2.36mm margin) Code: MCJBEP004 Price: Call
2:1" Round Wire Tool (23 holes, 6mm dia, 3mm margin) Code: MCJBEP003 Price: Call
3:1" Round Wire Tool (35 holes, 4mm dia, 2mm margin) Code: MCJBEP002 Price: Call

The EasyPunch is designed for convenience and mobility, featuring lockable heavy caster wheels and quick setup in any area of your shop. Various punching dies are available, including Wire-O, Coil, Comb, and more.

  • Efficient Despite its compact size, this machine operates at remarkable speeds, punching up to 9,000 sheets per hour or 50 cycles per minute. Its quick punching pattern change, taking less than a minute, ensures seamless job transitions and heightened productivity across various punching tasks. With its ability to deliver both productivity and security, it meets diverse punching requirements.
  • Versatile The EasyPunch offers exceptional versatility, handling a wide array of paper stocks, covers, and tabbed sheets with perfect pre-collated order. It provides a reliable solution for organizing and punching various document types.
  • Easy to use Experience effortless operation with the EasyPunch. Simply load the feeder, press the start button, and walk away while it automatically handles the punching process. Its user-friendly design makes it a breeze to operate.
  • Wide range of heavy duty punch tools This machine caters to a wide range of punching options, supporting Wire-O® wire, Plastic Coil, Plastic Comb, Velobind®, and 2, 3, or 4-ring binders. It features guide posts for precise alignment, quick pin access, and flanged holes for efficient waste clearance and extended die life.
  • Modern design The EasyPunch is designed with user convenience in mind. All operations, including punch die changes, can be easily performed from the front of the machine. It even includes integral storage space for one die, ensuring easy accessibility.
  • Safety Built-in features ensure a safe and secure punching experience. The machine is equipped with mechanisms to prevent paper jams and enhance operational safety.
Max sheet size : 300 (BE) x 300 mm (BE = Binding Edge)
Min sheet size : 138 (BE) x 138 mm (BE = Binding Edge)
Sheet weight : From 80 to 200 gsm
Feeder & reception tray capacity : 100 mm (2 reams = 1,000 sheets)
Cycle speed : 40 and 50 cycles/minute
Punch speed : Up to 9,000 sheets/hour (80gsm)
Byte thickness : 0,3 mm
Tooling : Interchangeable with removable pins
Tooling Changeover : 2 minutes ; integral storage space for 1 die
Control panel : Touch screen
Set up time : Via touch screen and hand wheel in less than 5 minutes
Power : 220/240 V (50Hz) 1ph - 110/120 V (60Hz) 1ph
Machine dimensions (WxDxH) : 1120 x 730 x 1050 mm
Net weight : 168 kg

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