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AP360 Auto Punching System

Stock Code : MCRE73

The Renz AP360 Auto Punch is one of several Auto Punching solutions available through PDC. The AP360 Auto Punch can be used to punch virtually any hole pattern, so whether you require Coil Binding, Wire Binding, Calendar Punching, Comb Binding, the AP360 Auto Punch will offer a fast and accurate solution. Need to replace existing tooling or have a bespoke hole pattern produced? Just check out our Custom Made Tooling options.

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AP 360 4:1 Oval Coil die QSA 6 pin Code: MCRE73OV Price: £4,550.00 ex VAT
AP 360 6mm Pitch Oval Coil die Code: MCRE73OV6 Price: £4,550.00 ex VAT
AP 360 3:1 Oval Coil die Code: MCRE73OV1 Price: £4,150.00 ex VAT
AP 360 3:1 Oval Coil die - QSA version Code: MCRE73OV1Q Price: £5,350.00 ex VAT
AP 360 3:1 Round Wire die Code: MCRE73RD Price: £4,150.00 ex VAT
AP 360 3:1 Round Wire die Thumbcut Code: MCRE73RD1 Price: £4,750.00 ex VAT
AP 360 2:1 Round Wire die Code: MCRE73RD2 Price: £3,550.00 ex VAT
AP 360 3:1 Square Wire die Code: MCRE73SQ Price: £5,350.00 ex VAT
AP 360 3:1 Square Wire die Thumb Cut Code: MCRE73SQ1 Price: £5,950.00 ex VAT
AP 360 2:1 Square Wire die Code: MCRE73SQ2 Price: £4,850.00 ex VAT
AP 360 2:1 Oblong Wire die Code: MCRE732T Price: £4,850.00 ex VAT
AP 360 Comb Die Code: MCRE73C Price: £3,650.00 ex VAT
AP 360 Comb Die QSA version Code: MCRE73CQ Price: £4,550.00 ex VAT

Heavy-duty, high-speed, professional, automatic, floor standing, auto-punch machine. For a range of book and calendar punching production.

  • Punching dies for all types of ring wire, Plastic coil, sprial and comb as well as calendars.
  • Two finger pick ups system which can handle a range of mixed stock.
  • Fast die change.
  • Touch screen assisted set up process with job memory.
  • Wheels at the base makes it extremeley portable.
  • Control System: Digital PDC AP360 can be set up from central control panel with the ability to memorise.

  • High Production: Up to 100 strokes per minute with a paper pick capacity up to 3.5mm

  • Sheet Turnover: Turnover drum ensures sheets are kept in collated sequence.

  • Versatile: A combination of PDC AP360 models are available to suit all production demands.

  • Heavy Duty: Heavy duty components and stepper motor technology ensure a long life span.

Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 2100 x 800 x 1560
Power Requirement : 220/240v 50Hz or 60Hz 2 Kw
Weight (Kgs) : 712
Safety Approvals : CE
Wire closing range :
Binding Width :
Machine Cycle :
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) :
Punching Operation : Automatic
Punch speed : 40 to 100 strokes per minute
Punching Width - Maximum : 360 mm
Punching Width - Minimum : 100 mm
Punch capacity : 3.5mm (35 sheets)
Unpunched Length - Maximum : 360 mm
Unpunched Length - Minimum : 85 mm
Format change : With QSA Dies 5 to 10 mins. Without QSA Dies 20 to 25 mins.
Max punching thickness : 2.4 mm
Die type : Professional
Variable margin depth : Optional
Punch dies available : 3:1, 2:1 ring wire, calendar,
Bespoke dies : Yes
Die changeover time : 3 min
Selectable punch pins (QSA) : Optional

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