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JBI Alpha-Doc Mk4

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The Alpha-Doc MK4 is a high speed automatic punching machine designed for medium to large size runs involving multiple materials ranging from 70 to 300 gsm including acetates or plastic covers and diverse punching patterns including thumb cuts with maximum punched edge of 330mm (13″). It provides a true output of up to 34,000 sheets (80gsm) / hour including loading & unloading operations. The Alpha-Doc MK4 can be used to punch virtually any hole pattern, so whether you require Coil Binding, Wire Binding, Calendar Punching, Comb Binding, the Alpha-Doc MK4 will offer a fast and accurate solution. Need to replace existing tooling or have a bespoke hole pattern produced? Just check out our Custom Made Tooling options.

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The Alpha-Doc MK4 is a high speed automatic punching machine designed for medium to large size runs involving multiple materials Designed for all paper punching environments, the JBI Alpha-Doc automatic paper punch is probably the best engineered auto punch in its class. All set-ups and paper controls are managed from the central keypad in either metric or imperial sizings. Its adjustable speed and paper pick mean that any stock, from NCR sheets to heavyweight card including plastics and laminated stock, can be punched effortlessly. The JBI Alphadoc paper punch is programmed with all standard UK and US paper sizes and formats with the facility to add another 4 (editable) custom sizes. Fitted with a tab handling device as standard, there is virtually no binding job or stock that this unique machine cannot handle. Powered by standard mains supply, it can be located in any position and is easily wheeled out of the way when not in use.

  • Format Change: Electronically controlled using “touch keys” in either metric or imperial paper sizes.

  • Unique Flat Paper Path: Paper travels through the Alpha Doc punch flat, ensuring accurate punching and the ability to handle virtually any stock

  • Variable Speed Control: Electronically controlled speed for Card, Paper or Index sets

  • Adjustable Pick Feeder: Electronically controlled paper pick up, from 0.5mm to 1mm.

  • Belt Driven: Belt (friction fed) paper drive system ensures all stock is not only picked accurately but passes through the punching section and out to the reception area, without incident.

  • Interchangeable Die Sets: Die sets can be changed in less than two minutes.

  • Central PCB: The Alpha Doc punch is controlled by the latest PCB technology, making both electronic and mechanical fault finding highly efficient.

  • LCD Display: Informs operator of status at all times.

  • Built in Storage: Convenient die storage compartment ensures dies are always at hand.

Power Requirement : 220-240v/50Hz – 110v/60Hz
Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 1850 x710 x 1240
Wire closing range :
Weight (Kgs) : 476Kg
Binding Width :
Safety Approvals : TUV / CE
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) : Maximum: 330 x 330mm; Minimum: 138 x 138mm
Punch capacity : Input Feeder / Output Tray: 3,500 sheets (80gsm)
Punching Width - Maximum :
Die changeover time :
Die type :
Unpunched Length - Maximum :
Format change :
Variable margin depth :
Max punching thickness :
Unpunched Length - Minimum :
Punching Operation :
Punching Width - Minimum :
Punch speed : 70, 80 & 90 cycles / minute
Selectable punch pins (QSA) :
Machine Cycle :
Punch dies available :
Bespoke dies :
Paper stock : 70 – 300gsm including tabs, colour copier paper and acetates
Productivity : Up to 48,000 sheets per hour
Operation :
Binding element :
Compressed air :
Pitch :
Max. binding width :
Min. binding width :
Crimping Length :
Speed :
Crimping Capacity :
Machine Set-up :
Pitch :
Inserting Roller :
Motor :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Crimping :
Adjustable Roller :
Inserting :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Hole Size :
Binding thickness :
Single Punch Capacity :
Single Punch Length :
Disengageable Pins :
Format change without diameter :
Min. unbound edge :
Calendar hangers :
Side Margin Guide :
Wire Capacity :
Time required for diameter change :
Space requirement :
Max. unbound edge :
Binding Type :
Productivity :
Binding Time :
Document Size :
Binding Styles :
Narrow Cut :
Spirals :
Book Sizes :
Binding Length :
Max Operating Width :
Strip Lengths :
Maximum Sheet Widgh :
De Bind Facility :
Bind Cycle Speed :
Binding Capacity :
Paper Weight :
Wire-O Closing Range :
Max Binding Format :
Edit Capability :
Spine Thickness :
Document Formats :
Volume :
Wire-O Diameters :
Binding Speed :
Min Binding Format :
Warm-up Time :
Wire-O Sizes :
Skip Binding :
Spine length: Max / Min :
Glue application :
Shipping Weight :
Spine length :
Book Thickness :
Cover thickness :
Cover dimensions :
Shipping Dimensions :
Number of clamps :
Min. Number of Wire-O Loops :
Block/spine thickness :
Touch Screen :
Glue warm up :
Maximum Cover Weight :
Number of Punch Holes :
Sheet size :
Glue Warm-up in Stand-by Mode :
Notching & Roughing :
Punch pattern :
Tabbed sheet :
Standard Features :
Book height: Max / Min :
Punch Cycle Speed :
Sheet pick up :
Feeder & reception capacity :

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