Onyx HD7500 (610mm Wide Punch)

Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX Binding Machine

Heavy Duty 610mm wide Punch Binding System

  • Price £5,499.00+vat
  • (£6,598.80 inc VAT @ 20.00%)
  • Item no: MCRT0021
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Tooling Options


Tooling Options - ONYX HD7500H


PLEASE NOTE:  Package discounts available from published prices, please call or Contact PDC for further details.  All costs quoted are exclusive of Vat.  Non standard dies indicated by blue text.


Coil Dies - Standard:

4:1" 0.2475" Round Die (4.8mm) £1,699.00
6mm Round Die (4.4mm Diameter) £1,699.00


Wire Dies - Standard:

3:1" Round Wire Die (4.4mm Diameter) £1,799.00
3:1" Square Wire Die (4mm) £1,799.00
2:1" Round Wire Die (6.35mm Diameter) £1,799.00
2:1" Square Wire Die (6.35mm) £1,799.00


Calendar Wire Dies - Non Standard:

3:1" Round Wire Die (4.4mm) with thumbcut £1,999.00
3:1" SquareWire Die (4mm) with thumbcut £1,999.00


2/3/4 Hole Die - Non Standard (High Capacity):

6mm Diameter 2/3/4 Hole Die set N/A
All pins removable  


Comb/Velo Dies - Standard:

Velobind Tool £1,799.00
Plastic Comb Tool (8mm x 3mm) £1,799.00

Product Overview

The Onyx HD7500 Horizontal is a 24 inch (610mm) open-ended punch binding machine for calendar and other applications. It features the patented “quick change” die system for changing punch patterns in 30 seconds. There is built-in die storage to conveniently store two 24 inch (610 mm) dies behind the Onyx HD7500H. It has a Pull-Out Extension Table for larger size jobs which reduces overall footprint when not in use.


The Onyx HD7500 Horizontal binding machine was designed with the operator in mind, offering quick, easy set-up including easy pin pulls and pre-set paper stop positions. The machine comes with twin motors, giving you plenty of power for those difficult jobs. A three year warranty makes the HD7500 top of its class. Designed for mid to high volume commercial and corporate use.

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Features & Benefits

  • Pull out extension table for larger size jobs, reduces footprint when not in use.
  • Quick change Die system with all pins selectable with no tools required.
  • 610mm/24" open ended punching width, allows for wider applications.
  • 90 cycles per minute.

Features & Benefits

  • Rated at up to 40 single sheets dependent on tooling choice.
  • Extra high capacity chip tray, large slide out container, never worry about overfills.
  • Smooth, quiet power on demand operation.
  • Built in Die storage for two tools.

Technical Specifications



Dimensions 432 (H) x 813 (W) x 508mm (D)
Weight Shipping 108.2 Kgs, Machine 67.3 Kgs
Power Requirements 230v 50Hz 8Amps
Safety Approvals CE
Method of Operation Foot Pedal or Versa switch
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