PDC 106E Power Stapler

Power Stapler

Includes work table and bench clamp

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Product Overview


The PDC 106E is similar to the PDC 105E but includes a work table and bench clamp for flat and saddle stapling. The PDC 106E can quickly staple both brochures and folders with the work table folded down and loose sheets or stacks of paper with the table in the flat position. As with the PDC 105E the 106E can be serial linked with one or more other staplers for synchronised stapling. Finally an optional loop stapling facility can be added.

Features & Benefits

  • Varied Applications: Three staplers in one: flat and saddle stapling (loop stapling as an optional extra).
  • Flexible: Two or more staplers can be linked together for simultaneous stapling.
  • Functional: Adjustable stapling depth and variable impact force.
  • User Friendly: Front loading. Automatic or pedal - controlled stapling.
  • Safe: Stapling head guard and clearly visible, easy to access stapling zone.

Technical Specification



Stapling Performance Up to 50 sheets (80gsm) when flat and saddle stapling. 20 sheets when loop stapling.
Supplied With Wide work table 250 x 150mm (0.7 Kg), plus a footpedal
Optional Extras Stapling head for loop stapling; Rail for saddle stitching; Narrow (60mm) work table with anvil; Opto link cables.
Magazine Capacity 210 staples 66/6.8+
Dimensions 250 (L) x 60 (W) with narrow work table;
250 (W) with wide work table x 438mm (H)
Weight 4.2 Kgs
Power Requirements 240V/50Hz
Method of Operations Electric pedal
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