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Additional Accessories

Model PDC Item Number PDC Price (+VAT)
DF-970/980 Hand Feed Kit MCDU-DF-970-980-HFEED £331.00

Product Overview

The DF-980 is a fully automatic table - top folder with a very friendly user interface. Together with the DF-970 they are the quietest and fastest folders in the market today. The DF-980 is equipped with Optical Double Feed detection to ensure the integrity of the folding process. The efficiency and productivity of teh DF-980 results in huge time and cost savings.


Fold Types
Folding Process


Product Features


The DF-970 & DF-980 can consistently and accurately process up to 260 sheets per minute. Equipped with 5 different speed levels, the operator has greater flexibility to reduce speed for tricky jobs and increase speed when time is of the essence. Automatic set-up ensures very high productivity and efficiency in terms of savings in cost and time. 



Noise Level
The new DF-970 & DF-980 are the quietest table-top folding machines in the market. Both machines are equipped with sound absorbers to reduce noise, making them the ideal solution for the office environment. The operating sound level of the DF-970 is 72 dB and the DF- 980 is 70 dB, the lowest in its class! 


Automatic Set-Up
The DF-980 automatically detects the standard paper sizes from A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, B6, A6, B7 and A7 and automatically sets the fold position for each of the 6 built-in fold styles. Whilst the DF-970 doesn’t have the capability to detect the standard paper size, plate setting is automatic. For non-standard paper size the length can be inserted manually and the fold positions are adjusted accordingly. 
The DF-970 & DF-980 are capable of feeding a wide variety of sheet sizes, from A3 to A7. The user can also create custom fold styles using an intuitive control panel, simply by clicking the +/- button to move the folding plates in order to create unique applications. 
Fold Styles
The DF-970 & DF-980 are equipped with 6 standard folding styles: Single, Accordion, Gate, Half-Accordion, Double-Parallel and Letter. In addition to this the operator can create custom fold and Cross-Fold applications that give an enormous level of flexibility. 
Feeding Mechanism
The feed mechanism on the new DF-970 and DF-980 has 3 feed rollers which make contact with the paper to precisely feed sheets. It is also equipped with features including feed pressure adjustment, paper separator adjustment and skew correction which will ensure consistent fold accuracy. 
Job Memories
The DF-970 has 10 job memories, whilst the DF-980 has 20 for non-standard folds. The operator can select the fold positions from the control panel and can save the jobs which can be recalled for future use. Once an operator enters the folding parameters and presses the start button, all parameters are automatically adjusted. 
Low Space Requirement
The DF-970 & DF-980 have a compact footprint making them the ideal solution for small workspaces. 


Optical Double Feed Detection
The DF-980 is the only table-top folder in the market equipped with Optical Double Feed Detection ensuring the integrity of the folding process. Optical Double Feed Detection ensures just a single sheet is processed at a time, which is particularly important when folding personalised letters and documents. 
Optional Hand-Feed Kit
The optional Hand-Feed unit can dramatically speed up the production of letters in any organisation. It can fold up to three sheets at a time – either loose or corner stapled delivering them ready for insertion into envelopes. 




Batch Mode/Interval Function
The benefits of this feature are multifaceted but in terms of productivity alone it ensures the machine can be run at a continuous pace with a short pause at set intervals to enable the operator to offload without completely stopping the machine – essential on a long run. 




Control Panel



Feeding Section



Hand Feed Unit



Stacking Section





Features & Benefits

  • Up to 260 sheets folded per minute
  • Automatic set-up
  • Low noise operations

Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly
  • 6 Standard fold types 

Technical Specification

Maximum Paper Size
311 x 457.2mm 
Minimum Paper Size
74 x 105mm
Paper Quality Fine quality paper, Recycled paper, Drawing paper, Art paper, Coater paper
Folding Mode
Single Fold, Double Fold, Irregular Accordion Fold, Letter Fold, Accordion Fold, Brochure Fold, Custom Fold 
Paper Weight 52 - 157gsm
Maximum Processing Speed
260 sheets/minutes Condition: A4 fine quality paper (81.4gsm) single fold
Capacity of Feeding Tray 46mm (500 sheets of 64gsm)
Feeding Mechanism Friction
Counter Up and Down
Automatic Fold Position Setting  Yes
Double Feed Detection Yes
Re-folding Function Yes
Paper Size Detection Automatic
Memory for Custom Fold 20
Sound Level 70dB
Automatic Tray Up/Down Yes
Interval Function Yes
Power Supply
100V – 240V 50/60Hz
Current Consumption  0.1 to 0.5A (88W)
In use: 1,046(W) x 512(D) x 494(H) In storage: 665(W) x 512(D) x 494(H) 
DF hand feed kit
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