DF-755 Folder - Desktop - manual set up - friction fed

Paper Folder

Desktop, manual set up, friction fed paper folder

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Product Overview

The DF755 Paper Folder is the baby brother of the DF777 and is aimed at the medium volume market. The DF755 has six manually selected paper folds plus the facility to set custom folding as required. Folding up to 125 sheets per minute, the DF755 is probably the fastest, most relaible and accurate desktop folder currently available.


Types of Fold




Folding Process



Product Features




Although the DF-777 and DF-755 are designed with budget-consciousness in mind, it can consistently and accurately process up to 125 sheets per minute. Automatic set-up of the DF-777 in terms of Folding Stopper and Stacker Roller ensures incomparable speed.



Automatic Set-Up

The DF-777 offers automatic setups in terms of Folding Stopper and Stacker Roller. It automatically sets the fold position for each of the 6 pre- programmed fold styles for touch-and-go folding.


The DF-777 and DF-755 are capable of feeding a variety of sheet sizes, from A3 to A5 and from B4 to B6. Both folders can feed a wide range of paper types such as Fine quality paper, Rough paper, Recycled paper and Stencil paper.

Fold Styles

The DF-777 and DF-755 are equipped with six pre-programmed folding modes: Single, Double, Irregular Accordion, Letter, Accordion and Gate fold. Both folders are also able to create Cross Single fold and Cross Letter fold. These features ensure a huge level of flexibility.

Feeding Mechanism


The feeding mechanism of the DF-777 and DF-755 consists of three feed rollers which make contact with the paper to precisely feed sheets. It is also equipped with features such as a skew adjustment mechanism and a paper feed ring slide mechanism for cross fold which ensure consistent fold accuracy.

Low Space Requirement

The DF-777 and DF-755 have a compact footprint making them the ideal solution for small workspaces.


The DF-777 and DF-755 are capable of feeding up to 500 sheets at once and are designed with an ascending and descending 4-digit digital display as well as a Jam Detector Stops Operation which ensures very efficient and productive job processes.




Feeding Section





Control Panel



Exit Tray






Features & Benefits

  • Up to 125 sheets folded per minute
  • 500 sheet capacity
  • Jam detector stops operation
  • User-friendly

Features & Benefits

  • Six pre-programmed popular folds
  • Customise non standard folds
  • Cross fold as standard
  • Test button for sheet inspection 

Technical Specification

Maximum Paper Size 297 x 432mm
Minimum Paper Size 128 x 182mm
Paper Quality Rough paper, Fine quality paper, Stencil paper, Recycled paper
Folding Mode Single Fold, Double Fold, Irregular Accordion Fold, Letter Fold, Accordion Fold, Gate Fold, Cross Single Fold, Cross Letter Fold
Paper Weight 52 - 128gsm
Maximum Processing Speed 125 sheets per minute (for single folding A4 size fine quality paper 64gsm)
Capacity of Feeding Tray 500 sheets of 64gsm
Feeding Mechanism 3 rings automatic paper separation method , Skew adjustment mechanism, Paper feed ring slide mechanism for cross fold
Counter Up and Down4-digit digital display
Automatic Folding Stopper and Stacker Roller  No
Cross-Fold  Yes
Power Supply  AC220-240V/50Hz
Current Consumption  0.4A
Dimensions  In use: 930 (W) x 480 (D) x 535 (H) mmIn storage: 620 (W) x 480 (D) x 535 (H) mm
Weight  32KG
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