CreaseStream Junior

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Quality creasing & micro-perforating

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  • Item no: MCCR0001
PDC-Creasestream-Junior CreaseStream Junior Data Sheet

Product Details

CreaseStream Junior


Quality Creasing & Micro-Perforating at up to 4,000 sheets an hour


The CreaseStream Junior is a semi automatic creasing and micro-perforating machine that is perfect for processing items such as book covers, leaflets, greetings cards, mailers and menus. The machine makes full use of its unique rotary matrix creasing technology which eliminates fibre cracking faster than any other machine in it's field, up to 4,000 sheets per hour.

The CreaseStream Junior has been designed to maintain its quick fire performance even when the job demands simultaneous multiple creases and micro-perforating, It can adapt to increased work demands. This model can produce up to six crease styles and is therefore capable of working on any imaginable stock/print combination. It also comes equipped with a unique micro-perforating tool which applies fine and flat quality results, so good that sheets can run through laser copiers and printers, trouble free.

Easily apply a number of creases and micro-perforations to the sheet, and on both sides if required. Boost your profits by finishing more work in house at a faster rate. And remember, there’s no fibre cracking in production.

The CreaseStream Junior was developed to provide affordable, quality creasing and micro-perforating that is perfect for:

  • small/medium litho/digital print runs
  • photo-book production
  • creasing samples and customer mock-ups.

For ease of movement the CreaseStream Junior is supplied with a custom-built table that anchors the Junior model with four strong bolts. The table’s wheels lock for added stability during operation.


Read more about CreaseStream rotary matrix creasing here.


Three Options Available:

Three models are available for single pass creasing and perforating, plus additional tooling can be added to any of these options:



OptionModel Supplied With Code
Option 1
CreaseStream Junior + 2 creasing tools OR 1 x creasing tool PLUS 1 x perforation tool MCCR001
Option 2
CreaseStream Junior + 2 creasing tools PLUS 1 perforating tool     MCCR0002
Option 3
CreaseStream Junior + 3 creasing tools  OR  2 creasing tools plus 1 perforating tool MCCR0003



Read more about CreaseStream rotary matrix creasing here.


Email us for an onsite demonstration and more details about the CreaseStream range of creasing equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Feeds maximum sheet width of 52cm
  • Produces up to six crease styles to match any imaginable stock /print combination
  • Specially formulated and rotary action rubber creasing matrix allows fast hand-feed output of up to 4,000 sheets per hour
  • Simple to set, easy to change crease/micro-perf styles

Features & Benefits

  • Produces flat, nearly invisible micro perforations that let sheets run through any laser printer or copier, from 65–350gsm
  • Produces simultaneous multiple crease & micro-perforating without affecting speed
  • Apply crease or micro-perfs to either side of sheet, or both at the same time
  • Cost-effective and adaptable to any print environment



Technical Specification



Machine Details:  
Single Speed 33 metres per minute
Max Sheet Format W520mm x L520mm
Min Sheet Format W80mm x L120mm
Stock Range 65 - 350gsm
Productivity Up to 4,000 sheets per hour
Machine Weight 50kgs
Dimensions L 1050mm x W 670mm x H 305mm
Power Single Phase - 230v 50hz
Fuse Size 6.3 amps
Mobile Table Details:  
Table Size L 645mm x W 530mm x H 705mm
Weight incl Packaging 36kg
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