Binding Machines


Binding Machines


Perfect document creation is something every company aspires to.  Whether it's coil binding, spiral binding machines, wire binding machines or Fastback binding machines, PDC Presentation Solutions have creative and cost effective binding machines and solutions to suit all business types.


Spiral Binding Machines - take your binding to another level


Why not take your binding to another level with the superior binding qualities of coil binding machines. Our Plastikoil coil binding can offer 45 standard colours and for the brand conscious, a Pantone custom colour matching option to co-ordinate with your corporate identity. Spiral and coil consumables can be supplied in any size, length and diameter from 6mm to 33mm, a cost effective waste reducing binding solution.  Please call our Spiral/Coil Binding experts on 020 8810 5770 or click to send us an email.


What can our binding machines do for your documents?


If you have created a presentation to be left with a customer, binding will ensure your document looks professional and business-like.  Binding also protects your documents and makes it easier to use them again and again. Bound documents are easier to store and makes your document more durable. And the right binding can add individuality to your documents to make them memorable. Our range of binding machines is comprehensive and is backed up by PDC technical support, over 30 years of market experience in binding machines and extensive product and market knowledge.


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