Rhin-o-Tuff NEW ONYX Range of Binding Machines


The new ONYX range - Durable, Flexible, Recyclable, and with a 3-year Warranty


The Onyx Family of Products 


PDC is now the UK exclusive distributor for the new Rhin-O-Tuff range of ONYX binding machine solutions.  A versatile, heavy duty, range of punches, offering a massive selection of punching and closing options to suit all styles of document presentation.  Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX binding equipment out-punches and out-performs any binding equipment currently available in the UK, offering unrivalled reliability at highly competitive prices.  Take a look at the range and then call PDC to talk through your requirements and to arrange a no obligation demonstration - you won't be disappointed. Download the new ONYX Product Family Brochure for an overview of all the machines in the range. 




Competitive pricing
 Watch our ONYX range video!View the ONYX binding machines video  
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Why Choose the ONYX Range of Punching Solutions?

support-100.jpg Extensive support - the ONYX range of binding machines provides you with extensive help, with videos on how to operate the products, technical specifications and user manuals. We also offer an installation service and onsite training, backed up by service contracts and onsite demos of equipment.
durability-100.jpg Durability - Average life well over 5 YEARS!  The ONYX binding machine heavy duty direct drive gearbox has no chains, drive belts or plastic cogs, giving immediate power and consistent punching.  There is also an auto anti jam feature, with manual release back up.
choice-100.jpg Choice - choose from 12 stock punch tools, 14 custom punch tools, open ended punch tools up to an incredible 610mm and a large selection of accessories, the Rhin-o-Tuff ONYX range really does give you amazing choice.  

Click to read the ONYX Die Tools Datasheet.  Changing dies couldn't be easier - see videos here on how to change a die on the HD7700 Ultima and how to change a die on the OD4012

And there are all sorts of modular devices you can add to the ONYX binding machines, such as wire closers, coil inserters, or comb openers and closers - all of which can be attached to the top of the machine or used separately.
flexibility-100.jpg Flexibility - the ONYX rangeof binding machines has a choice of three punch activators: foot pedal, palm switch and versa switch, allowing you to choose the most suitable method for your application. 
performance-100.jpg Performance - The ONYX range has the highest punch capacity currently available, across the entire range, with certain models punching up to 40 sheets.
onyx-quietised-die-technology quietized-die-470

Quiet - The NEW ONYX Quietised Die/Tool by Rhin-O-Tuff reduces the noise level of the range by over 25%, allowing you to punch and finish your binding project in the convenience of your office - not in some back room to hide the noise.

Click to see a video showing the Onyx quietised die tools,
3-year-warranty Warranty - be reassured you are making the right choice - the new ONYX range of products comes with a three year warranty from the date of sale to be free of defects in material and workmanship.  See the ONYX warranty terms and conditions here.
 recyclable Recyclable - the new ONYX range is more than 98% recyclable - A new design and manufacturing process ensures that 98% of the ONYX product is recyclable, making them the leading ECO-friendly systems available on the market today. 












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