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CreaseStream Junior
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Mini Auto Feed
Mini Quick Feed
Mini Standard

CreaseStream is perfect for:


  • copy shop business
  • small/medium digital print runs
  • larger digital/litho print runs
  • Photo book production
  • creasing samples and customer mock-ups

Rotary Matrix Creasing - What makes it so good?

rotary-matrix-creasing-200b The CreaseStream Junior & Mini ranges are designed and built to fulfil the creasing and micro perforating needs of both the digital and litho print markets. Rotary matrix creasing is the only solution that will effectively and consistently, combat and eliminate fibre cracking, no matter what stock, printing method or print coverage you are using.

Enjoy incredible production speeds from up to 4,000 sheets per hour with up to 4 creases per pass. Crease both sides of the sheet simultaneously. Crease and perforate at the same time. Complete flexibility and perfect results.

Rotary Technology

rotary-technology-200.jpg Creasestream Junior & Mini equipment , uses unique and highly effective rotary creasing technology and equally sophisticated rotary micro perforating. Using soft creasing ribs, the stock is gently manipulated and fibres are stretched to produce a U shaped

This method of creasing does not damage the fibres, it just creates a crease that shapes perfectly and avoids the usual cracking experienced when using matrix type devices. Check out the benefits of Rotary creasing when compared to Matrix creasing, watch the video here or click the button to the side.
Outside crease



All Creasestream  machines will feed stocks from 65 to 350gsm and crease and/or micro perforate sheet widths up to 52cm.

All Creasestream  machines can undertake from one to four creases and/or perforations in one pass.

Creasing and perforating can be applied to one or both sides of the sheet in one pass.

Tooling Options Include

 Multiple Creasing

Multiple Creasing

Tooling that will apply creases to stock ranging from 65 to 350gsm. Creasing that can be applied to one or both sides simultaneously.  Quick and simple changeover of rubber creasing ribs will apply crack free creasing to even the most difficult stock.
 spine hinge and crease

Spine Hinge & Crease

This amazing tool is used when covers need creasing and also require a hinge applied to the front  and back cover. The Spine Hinge & Crease tool is fully adjustable accommodating virtually any spine width and by simply changing the creasing ribs, will handle a range of stock from 65 to 350gsm. Ideal when cover stock before perfect binding.
 Rotary Micro Perforating

Rotary Micro Perforating

Creasestream micro perforating is different, it works and produces excellent results! The perf blade is used in conjunction with a nylon anvil and so the teeth just kiss cut the stock and produce a flatter result. These precision tools are specially manufactured to produce the fine teeth required for perfect results. They are available in 10, 12, 17, 25, 52 & 72TPI, for perforating stock between 60 and 350gsm.

See the CreaseStream product family button

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