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System AF2000/AF2000S Bookletmaker

Stock Code : MCMOAF2000BM

High capacity dual bin feeder offers a flexible solution for a wide range of booklet types and sizes
In today’s demanding printing environment, a flexible solution to booklet production is a must for all digital printers.

Often there is a need to merge jobs from more than one digital print device or to add colour, laminated or coated covers to finish a booklet. There may also be a requirement to finish booklets from several digital devices, where an inline solution on each machine may not be a cost effective solution.

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The System AF2000S with its high capacity dual bin feeder offers a flexible solution for a wide range of booklet types and sizes. The system is fed by the AF602 air assisted feeder which has a loading capacity of up to 21″, giving long uninterrupted production runs.

Pre-collated sets can be placed into both bins for longer runs, or covers can be placed into one of the bins when they need to be merged with collated sets.

The bookletmaking section can be supplied with heavy duty stitching heads for up to 50,000 stitches from one wire spool, or with stapling heads which can be loaded with 5000 staple cassettes. A fore-edge trimmer comes as standard to give clean finish to the booklets.

An optional Morgana Squarefold can be added to the system to produce squared spine flat books which give the effect of a perfect bound finish.

For full bleed production, the Morgana CST crease and side trim unit can be added. Trim edges can be removed from the sheets meaning there is no need to trim the booklets prior to production in an offline guillotine.

The Morgana System AF2000/AF2000S, with it’s versatile configurations and options will give a highly flexible solution to your digital booklet production needs.

  • Air assist dual bin feeder unit - up to 21″ loading capacity

  • Feed pre-collated sets - from digital devices

  • High quality stapling head or stitching head versions available

  • Up to 1800 sets per hour

  • High quality front edge trimmer unit

Paper weight range: : 30- 300gsm
Max Speed - (Booklets/Hour): : up to 1800 per hour
Maximum sheet size: : 320 x 470mm
LCD control panel: : Standard
Intelligent feeding: :
Booklet size :
Minimum sheet size: : 120 x 210mm
Maximum book size: :
Bin capacity: :
Minimum book size: :
Stapling thickness :
Stapling Width :
Max Processing Speed :
Stapler :
Paper type :
Trimming waste width :
Operation Panel :
Staple Capacity :
Noise Emission :
Number of sheets that can be trimmed :
Power Supply : 230v
Detecting Function :
Current Consumption :
Squarefolding modes :
Net Weight : 161kg
Dimensions excl. base :
Capacity :
Booklet size, min :
Speed :
Booklet size, max :
Feeded book size W x L (Min) :
Feeded book size W x L (Max) :
Finished book size W x L (Min) :
Sheet count (Min) :
Sheet count (Max) :
Face trimming (Min) :
Finished book size W x L (Max) :
Side trimming (Max) :
Staples :
Stapler Modes :
Dimensions :
Set size (stapled folding) :
Side trimming (Min) :
Standard Paper Sizes :
Duty cycle :
Stapler Heads : 2
Face trimming (Max) :
Error Detection :
Book thickness (Min) :
Book Stacker :
Trimmed booklet size (Min) :
Staples per cartridge :
Stitching :
Book Stacker capacity (Optional) :
Book thickness (Max) :
Output conveyor capacity :
Staples per booklet :
No. of Bins :
Off-line use :

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